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HeslyFence is a professional designer, manufacturer and exporter of metal fencing products. We are committed to providing professional perimeter solutions for global customers, custom-made is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Energy and Resources

Wire Mesh Fence: our solutions for energy and resource plants. Energy plants are very important for the economy. Non authorized access should not be allowed. Have you problematic? You're looking for different wire mesh fences type because your plant is very large and thus have different areas to protect. Because your environment is not the same at the front than at the rear? Consult our teams, they will prove to you that our experience will bring our teams to offer the best solution for your concern. Contact us if any question and inquiry, Our specialists will answer you soon.

Wind Control Solutions

HeslyFence China provides a variety of windscreens for wind shielding purposes, and also offers project planning windshield manufacturing and construction assistance services at the cus...

Coal Yard Dust Control Solutions

Our dust control measures are suitable a variety of construction sites, including coal yards, iron ore yards, Petroleum Coke Dust Control mining conditions, power stations, smelting plants, mar...

Sand Barrier Solution

Sand and dust from the desert, coastal areas, and other locations has a signicant impact on people, animals, and plants, thus affecting our living environment. Reasonable sand control measures offe...


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